"Due to funding cuts there was very little help from the NHS after our son was born. We were told that we would have to wait for a year for any speech and language therapy, and the physio therapy was non-existent. " 


"As such the specialist service DSL has provided has proved invaluable, with it Oscar has made huge leaps in both his language and physical development.


Andrew Dobson


"Along with all the medical complications, Down's syndrome makes it much harder for children like my son to do the basic things like walking and talking. In addition, he is also deaf. I was feeling pretty desperate about his future until we joined DSL... 


9 months later and my son is now crawling and making his first attempts at speaking. "


Mel Rosenvinge

How You Can Help

Individuals wanting to make a donation can donate online.

If you represent an organisation that would like to support us, please email us or or call 020 7701 9521


Why We Need Your Support

It costs £3,500 per year to provide a free total therapy package for a child, and we offer group therapy to around 35 children at any given time.

DSL's therapy is: 

  • unavailable anywhere else in the country
  • provided for free to children from birth  
  • in great demand. DSL has an ever-renewing waiting list and receives approaches from families outside our catchment area
  • accessible by families from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds.

Support from our donors is vital to allow us to continue to achive our amibitions:

  • The impact of our therapy on our children is backed by several years of objective evidence showing that their development is materially closer to that of mainstream children than is the norm for Down’s Syndrome. 
  • Our ongoing monthly Stay-and-Play drop-in service is an informal opportunity for DSL families to socialise and forge friendships, with childcare professionals on hand to give parents the chance to share their experiences and exchange tips.
  • We continue to attract new members and aim to increase the number children and families we support

DSL's focus is on helping our children develop the skills needed to integrate as easily as possible into their school communities and society as a whole, as proven by those of us whose children are older and demonstrating just what a difference the therapy makes.

DSL achieves all this thanks to the dedication and commitment of its supporters, families and trustees. 

  • It is funded entirely from donations and run by a board of volunteer trustees.
  • The services provided wouldn’t be available were it not for Down’s South London.
  • The service costs over £100,000 a year to run and we have enough demand to spend double that.

A huge thank you to all those individuals, companies and organisations who have donated so generously over the years to help us build the unique service we have today.